SHIFT Rehab Services works with you, your rehabilitation team, and your location to choose the best facility to meet the goals of the program and needs of the client.

We service the Okanagan Valley including Lake Country, Kelowna and West Kelowna.

SHIFT Rehab offers its services to anywhere in BC, via TeleHealth. Our goal is to make rehabilitation services available to everyone no matter where they reside

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Phone: 250-808-0553
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinesiology Covered Under The Medical Services Plan (Msp)?
No, Unfortunately MSP does not cover Kinesiology services. We are a private company and work alongside insurance companies, such as, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and some extended health benefit providers.
Why Is The Business Address In Kelowna, But You Service Other Areas Throughout The Valley?
SHIFT Rehab Services is a community based company, meaning the Registered Kinesiologist will come to you or your client in their home, gym, pool, and/or a community facility. SHIFT Rehab Services will travel to Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon, Lake Country, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, and Summerland.
How Does SHIFT Rehab Services Offer No User Fees And Direct Billing?
SHIFT Rehab Services will contact your extended health benefits and/or insurance company to seek approval of the referral. If the services are covered, we bill them directly and there is no charge to you.
How Do I Make A Referral?

If you are a potential client, you will need a doctors referral. Please visit your local doctors office to acquire the referral. Your doctor can make a referral online in our online referral section .

If you are a referring practitioner, please fill out the online referral form provided.

Do I Need A Doctor's Referral?
Under the new Part 7 benefits through ICBC, you do not need a doctor’s referral. As of April 1, 2019, you are pre-approved for 12 kinesiology sessions after a no fault motor vehicle accident. Some insurance providers require a doctor’s referral in order to receive reimbursement of assessment and treatment costs, so it is best to call them for clarification.
What Can I Expect On My First Visit?
Your first visit will be approximately 60 minutes. During the first visit the kinesiologist will ask questions surrounding your injury and then a physical assessment will be completed.
How Long Will I Have To Wait For An Appointment With SHIFT Rehab Services?
At SHIFT we try to get you scheduled as soon as possible. Wait times vary, but generally we can accommodate the initial assessment within a few business days.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?
The number of treatments required, varies depending on the severity of the injury, amount of time since the injury occurred, and individual level of pain/discomfort. Generally the sooner an active rehabilitation program is incorporated after an injury, the faster one can recover.
Do You Communicate With Other Members Of My Health Care Team?
Once the SHIFT consent form is signed, the kinesiologist will communicate and work with other health professionals to coordinate client care and program planning.
Will My Medical Information and Treatment Records Be Handled Confidentially?
Yes, SHIFT ensures that all medical and treatment information be kept completely confidential and secure.

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