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Strength is a defining feature in rehabilitation, both mentally and physically.

Strength in the body is essential for gaining and maintaining function, bone health, posture, body mechanics, joint function, and muscle balance. Incorporating strengthening exercises into a daily routine for pre/post-injury rehabilitation will help rebuild, repair, and stabilize the musculoskeletal system.

Strength of the mind is integral for growth, development, motivation, and goal setting. Mental strength is essential to overcome the obstacles incorporated with an accident, injury, or health conditions.

The mind-body connection infers that our feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes can positively and/or negatively affect our bodies functioning. Encompassing both physical and mental strength components will encourage the mind-body connection during rehabilitation.

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Determination by oneself can help surpass any and all obstacles. It can be willpower, an intention, or a purpose to achieve a goal. In rehabilitation, determination is a direct reflection of pushing oneself, both, mentally and physically toward an end result.

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Perseverance is continuing to work with maximal effort to achieve your goals in the face of adversity, obstacles and difficulties.

Overcoming an injury or illness will challenge the mind and the body to overcome unforeseen obstacles. There are many variables in every rehabilitation program and no case is ever the same. When dealing with pain, limitations, decreased range of motion, mobility, and functional abilities, perseverance is the only option to progress and achieve your goals. No matter how much doubt is present the end result can be positive and enlightening.

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Balance in the body can have multiple meanings. It can be balance between the mind and body, balance in the reflection of how one sees themselves, balance in each plane of motion, balance between the twin sets of muscles, and balance between reciprocal muscle(s) or groups of muscles.

Most people typically think of balance as the ability to stand, walk, or not fall over. This concept applies to development, stability, injuries, and aging. Working the stabilizer or stability muscles in the body, works towards greater function and furthermore safety in the environment and with activities of daily living.

Balance comes with stability and stability works for greater balance throughout the body. Stability is the essence of balance, an increase in stability will result in a greater balance throughout the body.

What Our Clients Are Saying

SUCH a good time working with the people from shift rehab! i’ve worked with alicia, danielle, and renée, and always have great sessions with each one of them. many laughs and smiles, escaping that post-hospital patient life for a bit while you get to laugh during rehab is such a win 🤍🤍
Ethan Guillot
Excellent service. Danielle came to my house after I ended up having to have two back surgeries and I was bedridden. She was able to get me out of bed and get me moving. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.
Marianne Larson
Alicia is awesome! I highly recommend her for helping you get back on track. I was always struggling with other trainers, but she helped me revisit the basics. I was then able to get the most out of my workouts with my limited schedule, while enjoying it!
Alicia Kakuno
As a pedestrian, I was struck on a crosswalk by a vehicle. Shift Rehab gave me the physical improvement I thought had been lost forever. In many ways I'm stronger than I was before the incident. Through a targeted program and personal guidance, I am so very grateful to have had the privilege of being in the care of shift rehab services.
Jeff Harris
I worked with Alicia for return to work conditioning. She was amazing to work with. She's well informed on the exercise program for post surgery limitations. The program she set for me was enjoyable and helped to mobilize muscles that were stuck. Alicia would do the exercises with me so that I could visualize the form, she was there to correct me when I was not doing it right. She's a pleasant, easy going person (plus she has a dog !!) I would highly recommend her for any rehab program!
Sarb T
I hired Alicia to help me prepare for my knee replacement surgery last fall. She assessed my abilities, and developed a strengthening and flexibility program to improve my readiness for the surgery. Its now several months post op and i have had a very successful recovery. Alicia continues to come twice a week and im positive that my mobility and confidence are due to her program. Alicia is very personable, knowledgable, and patient. I rarely use my walker now, my posture has improved, and im thrilled that we found her to help me through the significant event. I highly recommend Shift Rehab Ruth Stirling
Dave Stirling
I highly recommend Alicia and SHIFT Rehab Services. I have been working with Alicia for the past two years following two MVAs - she has been instrumental in the progress I have made to date. Alicia is attentive, organized, and knowledgeable. She adapts my programs as needed and always shows up with enthusiasm. If you’re in need of a kinesiologist, look no further!
Dani Korven
Alicia is the best!! Easily the most knowledgable kinesiologist I have worked with since my accident in 2015. And friendly too!!! Also perfect as my injuries have improved allowing me to utilize more of her traditional fitness services. Highly recommended.
Kristoffer DW